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Boot Camp Training

Skillwise Consulting today has gained respect from all its customers for its quality training delivery and highly skilled trainers. There are more than 400 plus courses offered to corporate customers in IT and Software skills. Skillwise consulting software training and technology training is backed a strong team of professionals who engage more than 200 subject matter experts (SMEs) with job level competencies in the respective subjects.

Skillwise Consulting deploys tested and tried pedagogy in all its training sessions. The high impact training sessions are tailored to your business needs and cost effective too. The software boot camp training in India are self-paced with emphasis on one-on-one support and innovatively created as per customer requirements. The focus of the software training workshops are to be result driven no matter what is the size of organisation or its global presence. The extended learning modules in our online classroom training sessions ensure that participants will spend more time on hand’s on session and less time in theory.

Organisations based on their training needs conduct workshops using diverse learning and development measures. The two predominant models are “Online Learning” and “Instructor Led Training”. While the prior is flexible and cost effective, the latter is a traditional learning model. Skillwise consulting also provides blended learning opportunity by giving participants the facility of attending online training sessions. Skillwise consulting adopts the online training approach to accommodate the different learning styles and needs of participants undergoing software training.

Apart from the software training and software boot camp training in India, Given the vast team of subject matter experts in high level competency areas like Project Management, Process Implementation, Solution Architecture and Platform building, Skillwise Consulting extends their consulting services in the areas project planning, implementation and roll-out; process definition, design & implementation.

The online training provides participants a virtual training environment and thereby circumventing the problems of having to gather all globally spread-out employees having to gather at a single training location. Out online training sessions are live and interactive. However, if a participants skips an online training session, he or she can download the recorded version and catch up with the rest of the class. With the internet providing the facility to participants to undergo online training at their convenience and comfort, Skillwise has many courses that are offered live or recorded in advance and to give the participants a flexible environment to learn in.

TSince inception, Skillwise Consulting has trained for more than 8000 plus participants across industry in software training, technical skills, domain skills, soft-skills and software boot camp training in India which are most relevant to their needs. The software training is aimed at delivering courses in a lesser period so that participants will quickly scale up to being productive and make the project team effective and efficient. Skillwise Learning Model delivers comprehensive content for online training and traditional classroom settings. The learning model in the software boot camp training in India provides an effective, consistent, and high-quality training. Our skill development model provides instructors with a proven methodology for imparting skills and impacting lives. This learning model provides the foundation for maximum skill-building and performance improvement.

Skill Development @ Skillwise

When it comes to professional skills, we have all associated it with formal higher education that would help us get onto the right career of our liking. In today’s fast paced development and global challenges, professionals need to maximise their chances on the job and increase their potential to be more successful at work. This can be done by constantly upgrading ones knowledge on the subject and acquire newer skills by attending workshops and training classes on the subject. Skill development initiatives focus on making and enabling professionals constantly upgrade their professional skills making it a lifelong involvement.

Skillwise Consulting initiatives in corporate training has led to a very close association with several HR teams engaged in staff augmentation and training. In our experience we have come across the pressing need to engage HR personnel in Learning and development activity as an ongoing exercise.

It is here that the Skill Development as a core focus area came into being. Skillwise consulting brings to its clientele a host of workshops and courses in Skill Development specially created for the employees who need to acquire professional skills. These Skill Development workshops offer certificate programs in the Learning & Development space as well. With more and more organisations engaging in training their employees on an ongoing basis, our Skill Development initiatives will enhance them and also fill the gaps wherever found.

The skill development of existing personnel on the work force offers a wide range subjects from accounting, Financial management, legal affairs and corporate taxation to Sales & Marketing, operations, logistics and project management to name a few. Skill Development workshops focus on developing a set of skills that add value to the individual, the team and the organisation. These skill development workshops are designed for continuous learning at the workplace. Skill development starts with assessing the kind of functional skills that are important for the required job role and come up with a requirement outline. Skillwise Assessments provides tools to assess an individual competence in a specific area and then suggests appropriate skill development workshops.

These skill development workshops are designed to provide participants the flexibility and convenience of a workshop which is very closely mapped with on-the-job activity to hone the required skills. The activity could be anything like managing an existing project to taking on a new task or handling a cross functional set of services and so on. Further to this, our approach is to encourage participants to continue to learn and develop from other sources like seminars, webinars, conferences and professional forums.

Skill development not only focuses on professional and technicalside of knowledge and skill, but also on the personal aspect of the individuals to improve their general life skills called soft skills. At Skillwise Academy, there are several skill development programs and workshops that help people at their work place and in any professional employment. We have soft skills right from effective communication to leadership coaching & mentoring. All these soft skill workshops are short programmes that guide the participant in acquiring work place skills and increase their productivity.

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