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“Skillwise workforce Development training enables employees to gain the Skills and knowledge required to perform and excel in their job role while contributing to their organization. Our training programs are designed to enhance employees to learn different skill sets to perform their daily tasks efficiently, improve overall performance, develop efficiency in their job.

Our Training program focus on organization’s development and success by up-skilling and cross-skilling the workforce. We enable the workforce to be more productive, efficient, adaptable and improve their skills in areas including Technology Skills, Domain Skills , communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Our Programs sharpens the skills and knowledge of organisation’s workforce , which results in a boost of their morale and adds a sense of job satisfaction and self-actualisation . We also assure that our training makes them more proficient and feel confident and show higher levels of performance and productivity by reducing the chances of errors on the job.

In the VUCA world the technology is changing every day, the employees in every organisation expect an upskilling support from their team to keep them abreast with latest industry best practices technologies. This continuous improvement in Skills will enhance their performance and productivity to prepare them for future demands and to have greater business impact. It is highly encouraged to have all the workforce to be highly competitive with technical capabilities in the digital era where by acquire new competencies required by the fast-paced software industy.

Our program also impacts the higher employee retention rates a strong and healthy boost by creating an dynamic killed workforce that works independently without constant help from others whereby inspires your key talent resources to stay in your organisation for a long period and increase profitability. A satisfied and motivated workforce is a great asset for organizational success.

We also do Talent transformation program for the employees who are working on the sunset legacy technologies to emerging technologies to help them advance in their job role to drive growth , productivity, digital innovation and also to find more Project opportunities within the company.

We provide skills gap analysis to determine whether or not workforce’s current skills meet the overall needs of the company and align with organisational vision. This skill gap analysis report will give comprehensive report about the list of skills employees already acquired and report in Skill-matrix databank, the skill they need to improve, and the expertise they need to develop for the future to enhance their bottom-line results.

We work with MNC’s and Major companies, applying innovative Learning support services with digital tools that strengthen Training and learning inside and outside the classroom, which increases the overall effectiveness of workforce and Productivity focuses on execution excellence, capability building, and organizational health, which enables our clients to achieve and sustain superior performance.

Our Training Program equip the learners for the future of work by designing and transforming workforce. Our demand-driven training methods focus is on midcareer learners to address the current talent problem with Successful long-term strategies and make value based billable resource. Our Value based return on investment (ROI) for workforce-development training programs provides metrics that link learning programs to business performance by evaluating the cost of recruitment and training program. We also analyse the employer’s retention, productivity, Next level they can move in carrier and quality business outcomes.

Skillwise Blend of Training Methods Provides the learns with extensive technology driven instructor based learning process to cater the cutting-edge skill enhancements. This allow the participants to gained Skills and help them to practice in the virtual labs and to share their insights through online forums. We also provide the seamless, interactive, and iterative learning experience necessary to support an agile, digital organization and its rapidly evolving workforce. Our corporate learning platform is highly dynamic and to deliver realtime learning to enhance employee skill readiness and business value.

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Our Vision

Skillwise is an ethical learning organisation delivering quality corporate training globally at an affordable cost to increase the ROI of clients; and is socially committed to be a blessing by educating underprivileged children.

Our Mission

To collaborate with our clients to create and provide exceptional skill enhancing training that imparts learning services to their human capital, that transforms the clients core business by attracting, challenging, nurturing and retaining high calibre talent.

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