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Virtual Training

Skillwise Training offers online training programs in india that can be accessed by anyone – anywhere – any time! Our personalized, customized online training programs are tailor-made to suit our clients’ every need.

Skillwise has the trained, experienced faculty to offer both technical and non-technical training, as per your requirements. Delivered via the internet, our technical infrastructure is top-notch and ensures a learning atmosphere similar to that of a traditional classroom.

A forward-thinking learning services provider, Skillwise Consulting provides solutions to clients from all fields from technical specialists to behavioral consultants.

Our Online Training sessions and Virtual Classrooms offer clear, swift multimedia communication across the Internet. These are cost-effective, innovative training services offered by Skillwise, using the latest in software technology. These online sessions create a live, interactive environment between the trainers and the trainees, breaking barriers of distance and geography in order to provide you with an excellent learning experience no matter where you are.

We also offer Virtual Lab sessions to help remote learners practise the usage of software applications, workflows and hardware products that are being taught on a theoretical level in the Online Training sessions. These Virtual Labs can be taken by trainees during or after the online training sessions. These Virtual Labs can be controlled by software in real-time on remote lab computers.

Virtual Class Training – Webinar

Explore the future of learning and how virtual classrooms could save your organization more money at a time when all feeling the pressure on the budgets. The Learning has made simple by live online cloud based training solution that caters a group to train or if you need to train people working in different locations. Our virtual classroom solution that delivers live online learning anytime, anywhere, moving learning into the future. We provide the learning environment services to deliver training online and enable our clients to reduce their training spend and remove travel, accommodation and subsistence costs. Skillwise ensures that learners still experience the same levels of interactivity as they do in a traditional classroom. Our services are Learning effective, interactive, hands-on, Cost effective, Time effective etc.

Virtual Labs @ Skillwise

Skillwise offers Virtual labs to our clients so that the users will get direct access to a dedicated virtual machine that is leased out on a time period that you define. Shared cloud-based environments that are fully accessible, secure and dedicated to each individual user. Save costs on building your own lab environment Avoid the need to build, manage and secure an on-premise lab. Enable complete and unrestricted access Give hands-on experience with machines that are independent and dedicated to each one of your users. Broad platform supports both hardware & software Can integrate with other training technologies Limitless network security option.

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