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Technical Assessment

In today’s IT world the  technical assessments are a compulsory part of the organization to scale up the level of employees to the Project/Client’s expectation and it is quite a sore point for software developers. These assessments are often non-negotiable, even for senior candidates. Organizations need to be sure that developers can indeed develop with limited resources and time, they need to short-list only those who are able to deliver as promised. Thus, to make a lasting impression you need to be prepared.

Skillwise model of  “Technical Competency Assessment”  follows a template often used to evaluate a candidate’s competence that typically features questions that are specific to the role the candidate plays in the organization. These technical assessments are generally used to assess candidates for technical or specialist capability on the job descriptions.

It is not unusual for an interviewer or an assessor to show a candidate a set of programming codes and expect instant analysis in a technical interview.Candidates should bear in mind that assessors are not only interested in technical knowledge, but also how candidates approach problems in constructing their thought process and demonstrating interpersonal skills and communication skills.

The mode of facilitation can be direct or via video interface or in the classroom (on-site or off-site). Our interviewers will ask scenario based questions that require candidates to demonstrate that they have a particular skill or a  “key competency”  in which the organization is looking for in future Projects. Candidates will use situational examples from their prior experiences and to illustrate their personality, skill sets and individual competencies to the interviewer. These types of assessments, tests candidates on their motivation and commitment to career. A typical competency based interview will last for one hour. At the end of assessment the candidates will receive a  snapshot report with an introduction, a graph and a personalized interpretation for the  assessment scores.

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