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Soft Skill Training

When it comes to Soft Skills, Skillwise is a boutique company in India that focuses on developing leadership among employees and provides organizational consulting through soft skills training programs and workshops.The need for Soft skills at work help an employee be more effective, productive and affable at the work place and are essential for professional and business success. Employees typically spend most of their waking hours at work and are in constant interaction with colleagues and other stake holders, their lives tend to revolve around the office community and form a distinctive culture of their own. The culture of the organisation has an impact on the productivity, of which a major part has to do with employees’ behaviour, attitude and values in other words – soft skills.

Skillwise offers a range training workshops that impact employees and improve competency levels in organizations. Skillwise gives special focus on the individual’s experiential learning led by experienced trainers. Our  soft skills training methodology gives ample opportunity for participants to practice and put their soft skills to use. At Skillwise, we customize the Soft skill training in accordance with the needs and requirements. At Skillwise consulting we have put together a set of courses that would help transform the workplace. The  soft skills training workshops in India and overseas range from leadership development in coaching and mentoring, team building and motivation for managers to personality development, positive attitude, business communication, negotiation skills, time management, taskmanagent and cross cultural skills for helping individual employees become more productive.

Today, Skillwise Academy has conducted over a hundred workshops forcorporate clients. Our most popular workshops being Business Communication Skills, Sales & Marketing Skills and Client Management has benefitted sales and business development teams. Skillwise Academy also takes pride in undertaking several sessions in Cross culture workshops, Customer client services, Goal setting and follow-up, Task management and Time Management for offshore and onshore delivery teams through our blended training sessions to employees engaged in service delivery and support spread across the globe.

Skillwise Academy offers sessions for corporate HR to assist them in conducting workshops in Employee engagement, Employee grievance handling, Induction and orientation sessions, Team bonding, Campus to corporate transition and Coaching & mentoring. These workshops have helped customers improve the employee retention and also fostered a better working environment. With more and more employees spending long hours and working away from the home base has brought about the need to keep them spirited and productive. Skillwise with the blend learning brings these employees together in Virtual Classrooms for sessions in Confidence building, Improving personality, Positive attitude, Stress management, Motivation and Attitude management to help them get by at onshore locations under high work pressure.

With over 100 years of collective experience of experts and professionals, Skillwise Academy has been able deliver successful soft skill workshops and carve out a niche for itself amongst corporate clients. Customers looking for tailor made solutions to meet their unique requirements in human development have been able to find the right mix of workshop at Skillwise Academy. With Skillwise Academy having is focus on the human side of professional behavior, has helped many professionals overcome the challenges of today’s fast paced life style and the ever demanding work situations. Skillwise Academy is an organization with a mission to improve the workplace with better and smarter employees.

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