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Corporate Training Solutions

Skillwise believes in delivering quality Training/Skill upgrades that have a direct & measurable impact on client’s key performance indicators and all our chief aim is impacting business outcomes. Many a times, non-upgradation of Skills of an individual could result in non-performance. Our real time industry experts assist organizations in addressing this concern. Over the years, we have impacted business outcomes of global clients across multiple sectors through our customized corporate training programs in India and overseas. Our corporate training programs provide holistic solutions and we are committed to a philosophy of excellence. Our corporate training methodologies include Instructor Led Training (ILT) with experienced trainers with Case Studies and highly qualitative assessments.

Our Priority

Skillwise prioritizes, training execution as its core competency. Our major strength has been our “Quality Training Delivery Solutions” and “Client Co-ordination”that we provide to our clientele. With “Quality Training” being our prime motto, we follow a strict processes in assessing the trainers and the training requirements. Our competitive pricing, customer approach and the will to handle challenging engagements, enable us to attract and retain quality trainers and High Demand Clients in the industry.

Quality & Delivery Process

  • Our process begins with the identification of the right trainers to match the training requirements by analyzing our training engagements.
  • The trainers undergo a mandatory qualification process.
  • Next, the  “Trainer Profile” is submitted along with  “course coverage” to the client.
  • A technical discussion by our trainer with the client is held to ascertain the training needs and articulate the training execution.
  • A list of topics the trainer is experienced and competent to instruct is prepared and submitted along with a minimum of three professionals training references from our existing clients.
  • Regular monitoring of Quality in Training Delivery is an ongoing practice.
  • Continuous evaluate and develop our trainers to their fullest potential.
  • Every session is observed and monitored before, during, and after by assigned coordinators who provide status reports to both the client and the trainer.

Learning Styles @Skillwise

Organizations roll out different learning methods based on their training needs. The two predominant models are “Online Learning” which is flexible and cost effective and secondly the traditional learning model Instructor-led Training (ILT).

Skillwise also offers a variety of learning formats to support the diverse needs of our clientele.

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
  • e-Learning / Web-based Training (WBT)
  • Gamification
  • Blended Learning
  • Mentored Learning
  • One on One Coaching

Skillwise has pool of instructional designers and content developers who are continually enable our clients to build training programs to meet their organizational needs. Our “Instructional Design” consultants along with our “Learning and Development” team collaborate with the client’s “Training” manager to create a learning environment that provides effective learning experiences at all various levels of complexity.

We engage highly qualified and skilled consultants well-versed in Instructional Systems Design (ISD), to create learning programs across a various technology platforms and domains. Our team of Subject Matter Experts well versed in instructional design and technical writing develop courseware to meet the client’s requirements. We create Study Guides, Trainer Manuals, Student Manuals along with Work Books, Lab Exercises and Question Banks.

International Training Solutions

Our online classes are specific to the client’s time zone and we believe in “Quality training at an affordable cost”. We assist organizations across the globe conduct and deliver cost effective learning solutions by enhancing the skills and expertise of their team regardless of location.

Industry Domain Training

Skillwise offers courses that supports the training needs of clients with diverse domains across industry. At present we offer courses for Banking & Finance, Energy & Utility, Healthcare & Pharma, Insurance, Manufacturing & Retail, Telecommunications, Media and Government. Our guaranteed quality training delivery, comes at an affordable cost, on-demand, irrespective of place and time. Every training program of ours is purpose driven with risks mitigated. Moreover our cost effective training helps clients to increase their training days, thereby significantly improving productivity leading to higher profits.

New Hire / On Boarding Training

Skillwise On Boarding Training are well recognized in the industry for designing, developing and delivering customized training programs for the “New Hire Training”. Our trainers and mentors work closely with the client’s team to ensure that the training delivers the skills and the best practices required in a fast-paced, global enterprise. The training aims at preparing the New Employee in their new positions and make them feel confident in the workplace to help them quickly contribute to the organization (Billable resource). We follow competency-based approach to create “Induction Programs” to train the new recruit according to the organization’s performance standards. Our first step in our process is to develop a competency map. By using the competency map, we design a learning path for the fresher’s based on our “learn and do” approach. We discuss in detail with internal subject matter experts and training team. Our trainers will design and finalize a comprehensive training schedule that is aligned to the core competency of the organization. The program will focus on 100% Hands–on sessions, Industry Best practices, Cutting Edge Technology and Processes identified by senior management.


Out-Training for the new recruits range from 30 Days to three months and our learning model provides the participants the right combination of hands-on sessions, case study work and one-on-one mentoring. We also urge the participation of your internal subject-matter-experts and training managers to help reinforce concepts discussed in the class and to provide the participants the exposure to industry best practices, internal processes and organizational strategy. As a result, the new recruit leaves the program with a strong understanding of their role and how their performance will impact the organization’s success.

A case study will be integrated throughout the program and ensure participants would have to undergo this case study that is designed to reinforce the key concepts covered in the training program. Participants would be made to apply the skills learned to solve a real-life project. On the final day of the training, the case study will be evaluated and each team gets to present its solution to concerned manager.

Software Boot Camp Training

Software Boot camp training is an intensive training program that provides hands-on experience and exam preparation, which is conducted in a timely and cost effective manner. The prime focus of a boot camp training is to prepare them for project readiness and enable them to be certified on the tools required in the project. Our software Boot camp trainings are often combination of several relevant courses and within the time period of five days to two weeks, over longer days. The advantages of Boot Camp training is to advance the Participants Skill Level, Money and Time saving and Certify the candidates etc.

Many organisation prefer Bootcamp Model of Training as the candidates are able to prove that they are committed and have a strong skill and knowledge base in their respective fields.

Competency-based Training and Skill Gap Analysis

Competency-based training is one of those prime phrases in the training Industry. A competency is a set of skills that distinguish one person from another. “Functional competency” are the skills required in a profession. “Personal competency” skills are required to handle professional relationships and “Business competency” are the ability to view issues or situations from a business perspective, collectively all the three are required for great performance. Once these competencies are identified, it will be easy for management for selection or development of employees. This training also ensures that the development activity are productive, cost-effective and goal-oriented, leading to greater involvement and motivation. It also helps improve the quality of products services delivered and gives the team an insight into the overall strategy of their respective teams and organization. Competency based training increases the job satisfaction. Our competency-based training assures that employee development is directly tied to job performance.

Skills Gap Analysis Services

We help organisations in Skill Gap Analysis Services by identifying the skills needed to effectively perform necessary business responsibilities and those possessed by current team. Many organizations address this by continuing education and training to close skill gaps. We work with your team members to build road maps so that the organisation will be where it wants to be tomorrow.

Our competency-based training identifies the capability required for the various levels of competence within a given work function. This system allows the team members to set professional development goals. When competencies are defined, training can be conducted to support performance at different levels – from entry-level to senior management. And, the level of competence required for performance can be accomplished. Competency-based training help the organization to prioritize training to achieve great results.

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