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Training on Machine Learning – Coding comes to an end!

September 17, 2018


Machine Learning:

Gone are the days when every action has to be programmed, walked through and executed. Machine Leaning comes in as an unbelievable and excellent solution!

Machine Learning is the process where the computer reads patterns of data and forms algorithms based on the dynamic data set over a period of time.

Decisions taken on a given perimeter of work environment is often done traditionally with a static data. ie., variable based codes.

Machine Learning reads the existing pattern of action of work and process data to predict the future execution in a definite pattern.

Highly visible examples would be,

  • Much hyped ‘Self-drive Google Car’
  • Online Recommendations from Flipkart, YouTube, Google, etc.
  • Fraudulent Transaction Detection
  • Industrial Robots

Machine learning follows different approaches to adapting data structures and making decisions:


Cluster analysis is a precise technique on predictive algorithm. A cluster of data is divided into subsets based on the type of action and further decisions are processed based on the best of thousand possibilities that are likely to happen.

Metric Learning:

The system is given with a set of similar and dissimilar objects or virtual products to identify. It then learns to distinguish the dissimilar products. These are the basis for product recommendations on e-commerce sites.

Learning Classifier Systems:

They seek to read a set of context-based rules that stores data collectively and execute knowledge with individual sets in order to make predictions. Those data knowledge possessed by the system are dynamic.

Other approaches would pertain to different learning methods tailored to the needs.

Skillwise Consulting has realised the importance of Machine Learning be imparted on to industrial and service processes for accurate and efficient operations on the following applications.

  • Adaptive Websites
  • Bioinformatics
  • Internet Fraud Detection
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Process optimization
  • Online Advertising
  • Robot Locomotion
  • Software Engineering
  • Financial Market Analysis
  • User Behaviour Analysis

It’s time to take up the ease of implementing Machine Leaning in your industry that fits in your needs and enhancing efficiency.

Enrol to the Training Session on Machine Learning from Skillwise Consulting before it is too late.

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