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Training on KAIZEN – Keep it going – Skillwise Academy

August 19, 2018



The term originated in Japan post the second world war. Japanese means the word ‘KAIZEN’ for ‘continual improvement’ and yes, it’s not continuous. Continuous is an ongoing process whereas continual is comparatively less frequent.

KAIZEN aims at continual improvement in the processes across the organization from the CEO to the workers in assembly line of an organization.

Application of KAIZEN runs through the domains of manufacturing, healthcare, psychotherapy, life-coaching, banking, government and other prospective businesses.

KAIZEN follows two approaches broadly:


The flow of materials and information in an organizational section is studied and the critical parameters are analysed to work on continual improvement.

Process KAIZEN

Employees who work on the actual production process are concentrated on for continual improvement. The improvement sprouts from the bottom level employees scaling it across the organization.

KAIZEN implementation in the organization requires a combination of both of the above for creation of a complete working model. Yet, process KAIZEN is done with ease whenever a small contribution to improvement is made unlike the traditional improvement process that requires a long period of time before the actual implementation.

KAIZEN improvements are small and continual, almost done every day, but accounts to a huge escalation in productivity when accumulated over a period of time.

KAIZEN’s PDCA cycle looks as follows:

  • Plan

Chalk down the improvements to be made and the parameters to consider.

  • Do

Implementation is instant and standardized. Do it right away.

  • Check

The standards have to be in coherence. Check if the process goes in sync with the standards.

  • Act

Suggest on further improvements or similar changes that could be made in a different section of the organization.

Tools such as fishbone diagram and statistical tables are used for KAIZEN to work on.

Make every minor enhancement in your organization count with the training in KAIZEN implementation by Skillwise Academy.

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