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Training on IoT Analytics & Security. Track and Tap your IoT data

September 8, 2018


Internet of Things:

The future of Internet seems bright with the advent of IoT bringing enhanced connectivity of physical devices. IoT utilizes internet connected to physical devices through sensors and operating it with actuators. An existing example would be the proposed plans on smart city, smart homes and smart energy management systems.,.

Fusing Analytics with IoT:

Metrics speak with precision and are definitive on process enhancement. Analytics stands out among the other associates that should be imparted onto IoT. Every action that the connected devices perform and processing on the data are obtained and automated to advance the connectivity features and modification.

Skillwise Consulting realized the need of training corporates on IoT analytics keeping in mind the following solution it delivers.

Optimizing Customer Experience

  • Queue minimization
  • Safety Analytics
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Predictive Care

Optimizing Product Performance

  • Smart Grid Analytics
  • Smart Grid Analytics
  • Smart Grid Analytics

Logistics Optimization

  • Worker Safety
  • Route Optimization
  • Smart Assistance

Operational Efficiency

  • Fuel Consumption Analytics
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Remote Asset Monitoring

Intrinsic data on every action of physical devices are taken into account on operational analytics ensuring the best deliverables in the connected environment.


Security on Priority:

Cyber-attacks on the internet were virtual until IoT came into play, which then became physical as well. Stolen data via cameras, hazard of any physical damage done through fire alarms, elevators, server maintenance and diversion to sneak and steal anything from the IoT environment has proved existential.

So, security has become a major issue for the implementation and maintenance of IoT.

Skillwise Consulting, realising its significance, has come up with security enhancement technology training on IoT covering the following technologies.

IoT Network Security:

Complexity is high as there is a wide range of protocols and device capabilities but is possible on a continuous basis.

IoT Authentication:

Learn to implement two-stage authentication, biometrics and digital certificates.

IoT Encryption:

Only you read your data and nobody else. Even if it’s lost, it won’t be accessible.

IoT Security Analytics:

Anomaly detection using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence keeps your devices on a line of standard and any variation is instantly reported and rectified.


Grab your gadgets and get ready for level of automation and control over a wide range of connected devices.

Enrol yourself for the free digital webinar series on IoT Analytics & Security by Skillwise Consulting

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