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Technology Consulting

The increasing competitiveness of the business market has resulted in the thrust of organizations towards scaling heights in terms of complexity and adapting of cutting edge technology to assure and establish themselves on the top rungs of the success ladder.

Skillwise Consulting has stepped up in this direction to liaise with technological giants to establish themselves as worthy collaborators acting as facilitators in decision making besides delivering valuable insights that aid an organization/industry to stay abreast of present day advancements. By way of Technology consulting, Skillwise provides all clients with information and guidance via their very own reputed technical personal who deliver in terms of skill expertise delivering diversity as well as complexity. Their in-depth domain knowledge has helped and continues to help business establishments to trounce the impedances that arise on a day to day basis.

Technology consulting also involves the formulation of work strategies based on the organizations core competencies interlaced with the latest on-hand technological breakthroughs as a step towards confronting and eliminating the business nuances or challenges that are encountered along the path.

Skillwise aids in delivering technological solutions for increasing business effectiveness by presenting divergent business plans that aim at fine tuning the dexterity thereby upgrading and improving on the effectiveness of existing business processes in place.

We provide technology consultation by way of suggesting strategies, long term or short, with foreseeable, qualitative and quantifiable outcomes. This has been possible due to the database of thoroughly researched material fortified with field experience with various clients across a broad spectrum of business organizations and industrial establishments.

Technology consultants with Skillwise have successfully formulated and charted out strategic propositions, for establishments that prioritize on scaling up the existing processes in terms of depth, technical and scientific, aided by the various available media and telecommunication applications that would help leverage the organization’s profile as well as secure its position on the business front.

Details of Services offered

The services provided by Skillwise Consulting towards Technology Consulting falls into two categories:

  1. Training Technology Consultants
  2. Offering Technology consulting services

Whether Technology consulting is a service provided within the organization or is outsourced, it is clear that the growth of any organization or industry would seriously rely on the expertise of the technology consultant attached to them. Having identified this as a core requirement for effective implementation and execution of multiplex and pristine business plans, Skillwise trains Technology Consultants with explicit capabilities in mind. The modules/ workshops/training sessions feature on instilling the following skill-sets:

  1. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  2. Ability to network and develop interpersonal and teamwork skills.
  3. Ability to adapt to new conditions and impromptu challenges that arise.
  4. Providing Advice on Business
  5. Ability to suggest suitable Digital transformation according to the business proposition at hand.
  6. Ability to present Business models.
  7. Suggesting computer tools and technologies that would enable observable and profitable growth.
  8. Perception of latest computer and networking trends.
  9. To identify the technologies upgrades required and to present a GPS to proceed on this.
  10. Adroit at communicating with adept management skills to provide a viable solution for a situation at hand.

If the expenses incurred for training in-house employees is to be avoided, Skillwise also provides the services of her very own Technology Consultants who have the specialized expertise that may not be available within one’s organization. In such a case, the supplementation of these Technology Consultants to assist the top brass of the organization will add a practical and competent dimension. Outsourcing the services of external Technology Consultants has its own benefits. The organizations can focus on their core competencies and need not distress themselves with the setting up the new infrastructure for a new enterprise.

Having a Technology Consultant will give the organization an outsider’s perspective which will be refreshing and will certainly open up new avenues for development and growth. These consultants are trained to address their client’s problem objectively and transparently and to provide a feasible solution. Organizations going through a major shakedown will do well to reach out to competent specialized Technology consultants who will aid in streamlining the processes besides augmenting and suggesting add-ons to existing in-house procedures.

It is crystal clear and logical to say that Technology Consulting is an indispensable component of any thriving organizational, industrial or educational setup. How it can be done is a choice made available to the client and the client’s business. Be it having a Technology Consultant or having in-house staff trained to be one, are options presented at Skillwise consulting.

Process of Technology Consulting

Technology consulting, no doubt, helps to reign in the control over the abrupt changes that constantly hit the business world. It is essential that an Effective Plan or Road Map is charted out listing the projects to be undertaken in alignment with the goals of the organization. Prioritization of projects can be done using the technical prowess of the technology consultant in the said domain. Once this is finalized, necessary changes in infrastructure or additional facilities in terms of software or hardware are to be defined. This would then allow an organization to prepare itself for the impending changes to be introduced. These introductions would require the education and training of the current workforce and once again, here’s where the technology consultant comes into the picture presenting business models and potential training programs or refresher workshops that will be required to elevate the skill sets of the employees. Such training modules are offered at Skillwise and modules can be fashioned to suit the needs of the organization in the area of interest. Flexible and adaptable solutions are derived and delivered.

Besides providing business and technical support, technology consulting provides operational assessment modules and are solution providers that help in the enhancement of processes besides giving strategic reviews and thereby throttling forward the implementation of the outlined projects. Another issue to be considered is the assessment of cost implications which is crucial to delivering a good strategy keeping the performance level at a reasonably respectful level. High level budget estimates need to be drawn focusing on the ROI and the timelines involved towards the delivery and execution of the detailed projected strategy or business plan.

The values that Skillwise Technology consulting provides is:

  1. Successful achievement of Business goals.
  2. Adequate technical as well as technological support.
  3. High caliber of operational distinction.
  4. In place assessment techniques for various stages of implementation of a business plan.
  5. Quality up-gradation of workplace portfolios.
  6. Transparency in services provided.
  7. Proposition of suitable business models that identify potential sources of revenue.
  8. Complete assurance for efficient delivery and execution of chartered plans on designated timelines.
  9. Efficient on-hands training in the use of computer tools pertaining to the domain of business.
  10. Leveraging the expertise and technological know-how of domain experts towards conceptualizing new ideas.

Strategic Technology Consulting in a nutshell