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Persistent Digital Engagement – Hear what experts say

October 2, 2018


Digital Engagement:

Information Technology is growing at a tremendous pace and digital presence has become mandatory for products and services, for branding and consumer engagement globally.

Digital Engagement uses digital tools and channels to find, hear and influence a community around an issue, discuss, give you their insights or take action pertaining to a cause they‘re interested in.

It gives the enterprises an opportunity to indulge and engage with the consumers on a digital platform like social media, discussion forums or community blog.

Digital Engagement follows a framework to make optimal use of the technology process and strategies to deliver the best value on the presence time.

It follows a 3-step strategy.

    • Value and Co-development:

Your media presence becomes successful only when it benefits you and the consumer equally but a little more to the consumer. This marginal benefit is what your strategies and technology should be focussed onto.

    • Attain and Engage with your Customers:

Choosing the right channel helps you in not just reaching the customers but also to make an ever-lasting impression. This follow up with the engagement thereon.

  • Strategies, Technologies and Processes:

Digital engagement is a tool that transforms organizations. The value exchange model and engagement phases’ framework helps you develop a complete digital engagement strategy for your organization.

The above 3-step strategies deliver the best-in-class outcomes and valuable insights from the customer centric market, making your organization grow and orient its goals towards the customer’s demand.

Skillwise Consulting emphasises that the process has to be continuous and sustainable to have an ever-lasting impact.

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