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Digital Forensic Training – Never miss out a data in your network

September 4, 2018


Digital Forensics:

Digital Forensics is a branch of forensic science that involves the recovery and examination of data and information on all digital devices and networks.

Traditionally, digital forensics focused on computer crimes alone but now, the extent of digital forensics has extended onto any device that could store digital data.

On legal aspects, a hypothesis on computer crime is proven before law. From a corporate’s point of view, internal corporate investigation and intrusion investigation highly demands expertise in digital forensics.

With cloud Computing finding its significance in the digital evolution, huge amount of data is being is stored and operated on digital platforms. Companies are highly vulnerable to lose such data within seconds with a network breach or intrusion. Here comes the role of digital forensics in tracking and diagnosing the breach at nodal levels.

Based on the device or media, digital forensics is classified widely as follows:

Computer Forensics:

Data stored on drives and applications of the computer taken into account in computer forensics. This includes events log and internet history as well.

Mobile Device Forensics:

Call logs, SMS, e-mails, deleted data recovery falls under the inspection range of mobile device forensics. Recent trends include GPS location tracking that enable mobile tracking via cell site logs around the vicinity of their range.

Network Forensics:

Monitoring is done on both internet and intranet for information gathering, evidence collection and intrusion detection.

Interception of traffic is done at packet level and stored for later analysis. The information is mostly volatile and actions are taken instantaneously.

Forensic Data Analysis:

A series of fraudulent crimes are taken into analysis and the pattern of activity is analysed from data of digital crimes.

Database Forensics:

It relates to the forensic study of databases and their metadata. Investigations make use of database contents, log files and in-RAM data to create a time chart or recovery for substantiating information.

Skillwise Consulting gives quality training on implementing intact security in your workplace with best in class digital forensics imparted onto your digital safety procedures.

Enrol yourself to the training on Emerging Trends in Digital Forensic Tools and Techniques by Skillwise Consulting.


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