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Skillwise October 2, 2018 Persistent Digital Engagement – Hear what experts say

Information Technology is growing at a tremendous pace and digital presence has become mandatory for products and services, for branding and consumer engagement globally. Digital Engagement uses digital tools and channels to find, hear and influence a community around an issue, discuss, give you their insights or take action pertaining to a cause they‘re interested in.

Skillwise September 25, 2018 Training on Artificial Intelligence – Embracing the future!

A booming branch of intelligence ingestion into computers, aiming to create machines that can manipulate and process complex logics, decision making and problem solving on the insights obtained from those processes. To set you up on the technological race, Yes! From aviation to computer science, education finance, hospitals, marketing, music, customer service and what not! The development of AI is rocketing up every day and if you’re updating regularly, fascinating is the fact that Dubai has already launched its first of its kind AI robot cops.

Skillwise September 17, 2018 Training on Machine Learning – Coding comes to an end!

Gone are the days when every action has to be programmed, walked through and executed. Machine Leaning comes in as an unbelievable and excellent solution! Machine Learning is the process where the computer reads patterns of data and forms algorithms based on the dynamic data set over a period of time.

Skillwise September 14, 2018 Build your own Mobile Wallet – Get trained by Skillwise Consulting

Mobile Wallets are a form of virtual money exchange wherein you club all of your credit/debit cards onto a mobile application and proceed transactions with it.Virtual Money Exchange have been running through the market way too fast. The world is moving towards digitization and mobile wallets could never be exempted. The government mobile wallets have become much prevalent due to meagre service tax for transactions.

Skillwise September 8, 2018 Training on IoT Analytics & Security. Track and Tap your IoT data

The future of Internet seems bright with the advent of IoT bringing enhanced connectivity of physical devices. IoT utilizes internet connected to physical devices through sensors and operating it with actuators. An existing example would be the proposed plans on smart city, smart homes and smart energy management systems.,. Metrics speak with precision and are definitive on process enhancement. Analytics stands out among the other associates that should be imparted onto IoT. Every action that the connected devices perform and processing on the data are obtained and automated to advance the connectivity features and modification.

Skillwise September 4, 2018 Digital Forensic Training – Never miss out a data in your network

Digital Forensics is a branch of forensic science that involves the recovery and examination of data and information on all digital devices and networks. Traditionally, digital forensics focused on computer crimes alone but now, the extent of digital forensics has extended onto any device that could store digital data. On legal aspects, a hypothesis on computer crime is proven before law. From a corporate’s point of view, internal corporate investigation and intrusion investigation highly demands expertise in digital forensics.

Skillwise August 27, 2018 Cloud Computing and its Challenges. Learn from the leaders

21st century has been a period of extraordinary growth in IT services where cloud computing finds a significant part. Gone are the days when you would have to carry physical data storage devices to places of your work with the fear of getting it lost or crumbled. Welcome to the advent of Cloud Computing, an easy-to-access and process data on-demand in your network globally, of course, security finds it priority. Cloud Computing and storage facilitation provides users and enterprises with the ability to store and process their data in an either privately owned data centres that may be located far from the user ranging in distance from across a city to across the world.

Skillwise August 19, 2018 Training on KAIZEN – Keep it going – Skillwise Academy

The term originated in Japan post the second world war. Japanese means the word ‘KAIZEN’ for ‘continual improvement’ and yes, it’s not continuous. Continuous is an ongoing process whereas continual is comparatively less frequent. KAIZEN aims at continual improvement in the processes across the organization from the CEO to the workers in assembly line of an organization.

Skillwise August 13, 2018 Six Sigma – Set your business and process on track

Six Sigma provides a set of tools and techniques for process improvement. Eliminating defects and variation from standards in manufacturing or business process is the basis over which Six Sigma operates on. The success of Six Sigma was witnessed when it delivered 3.4 defects per million units or process and saved a whopping $350 million for General Electric in 1998. Right implementation of Six Sigma is proven to yield such results of 3.4 dpm.

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